Of Lipsticks, pigs, Presidents, and south Asia – the Right way forward?

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The American electorate is being fabulously entertained. It is fascinating to watch what the movers and shakers of American opinion demand that the American mind should think – lipsticks and pigs dominate proceedings – and with all adult-o-teens and perhaps half the unborn population deemed trained Freudian psychiatrists – lipsticks and pigs are just two words that spawn a billion networks of interpretations and interpretations of interpretations. But no one has told them that what the therapist interprets is also a revelation of the therapist’s own obsessions and paranoias, and in the patterns and passions of your looking for “others” secrets, your own secrets come out – especially about secret pleasures. Why should it matter whether a woman Vice-Presidential candidate has an affair or not or whether her daughter is pregnant or not? What should have been more relevant is whether she is good for what she is being asked to do – play the role of a deputy leader to the highest executive post in the country – if having an affair or her daughter’s supposed pregnancy doesn’t interfere with her state responsibilities  why should we bother? It is ridiculous to accept the pseudo-logic that her daughter if pregnant  represents her lack of control and leadership, given the fact that Americans champion personal freedoms and individual responsibilities especially in the realm of sex. And as for affairs, should we forget the two illustrious White Christian examples of ladies at the top seats of their realms – Queen Elizabeth I of England, and Tsarina Catherine the Great?  By most historical accounts, both ladies had their fill of affairs while proving themselves to be some of the best things that could have  happened to their nations in the very practical terms of statesmanship. Isn’t it time that opinion builders of America decide to grow up a bit? What should concern Americans more is what is happening in South Asia and the middle East. The Indo-US nuclear deal has drawn a lot of attention, and it comes as no surprise to me that the Democrats failed to send a woman as a Presidential candidate, and that all Democrat Presidents have gone against strategic strengthening of India at the cost of India’s Muslim neighbours. If we analyze the regimes that have put up women for the top post, they have invariably been leaning towards the Right, whereas the Left, from the Communists to the “Democrats” in spite of all their libertarian rhetoric always shy of women for the top posts and always land up ultimately in the camp of Muslims. Ex President Carter while in the USA is vehemently anti-Indian as far as nuclear strengthening of India is concerned, and frankly ridicules both India’s nuclear capabilities as well as its security concerns which he dubs “ambitions”. The same President Carter while in India however feels no shame in associating his name with remote Indian villages claiming that the Indian connection had been “good for him”.  Ex President Clinton, on his visit to India, demanded that both “India and Pakistan” respect the LOC, and pointedly refused to acknowledge Pakistani responsibility for the typically Islam recommended “deceptive” war of killing 35 Kashmiri Sikhs -one of many massacres of non-Muslims of Kashmir towards the ethnic/religious cleansing by the Kashmiri Muslim militants wearing Indian army uniform. Obama is aware of this pattern perhaps and has already consciously tried to neutralize the edge gained by the Republicans through the Indo-US nuclear deal, by highlighting Indo-“phile” Biden  and accusing Pakistan of diverting funds meant to fight “terror” towards preparing for war with India.

The coalition forces are not having a very good time in Iraq, or in Afghanistan, and the west should now realize that the centre of power of the Islamic Jihad is firmly in the middle East, with financial and ideological support maintained by the wealth of oil, and Wahabi Islamic fundamentalist clergy, and at least one unsupervised strategically important military establishment that has dubious attitudes to the Taleban – and has already come to an understanding with this patron of Al-Qaeda in the North Western Frontier Province of Pakistan – the corridor that connects Muslim Jihadi insurgents in Afghanistan through northern Pakistan right into Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Fall of India to Islam, either by cooperation or weakness from some of its Islamo-phile centre-left political parties or by outright aggression facilitated or spearheaded by Pakistan with tacit help from China, would mean the establishment of a continuous band of Jihadi Islam from Egypt, and Sudan through Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia (the smaller non-Muslim majority nations of Myanmar or Thailand may not prove a strong bulwark against Islam because of their Buddhism) establishing a stranglehold over the Indian Ocean and virtually over Asia itself, making American presence and control in the middle East virtually impossible..

It is crucial, that no weakness of the “leftist” sort comes in the way of consolidation of all non-Muslim ideologies and forces. Christians and Hindus have the potential of forming an effective alliance in this game of survival. The Right way forward…?


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3 Responses to “Of Lipsticks, pigs, Presidents, and south Asia – the Right way forward?”

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Your points are well taken, but is it not better to work for nuclear disarmament altogether? The US has great fear over what is and has been happening in Pakistan. No one, in his right mind, believes that Pakistan’s nuclear materials are sufficiently safe from terrorists. That is why we have to work more closely with the Pakistani people, building relationships with them. We, and that means India too, must change the dynamic to show fundamentalist-leaning Muslims that they will only progress economically and socially if they learn to live in a more open society in concert with their neighbors and the world. Threatening or demanding or bullying them will probably not work. They must see for themselves the benefits of cooperation and co-existance. We can offer that if we all work together, in concert.

I understand your anger over Kashmir. That territorial dispute has been going on far too long. Maybe Kashmiris should be allowed to vote for what “they” want, rather than have both India and Pakistan fighting over their land.

But what do I know. I’m just an outsider looking in.

Pakistan had militarily invaded India at least on three formal occasions – 1947-48, 1965, 1971. China invaded India in 1962. Both these countries have retained thousands of square kilometres of Indian territory under military occupation. Both Pakistan and China had started to develop nuclear weapons from the 60’s, and could only do so with surreptitious transfer of technology from Russia and the USA. Compared to this India had very little help from the outside, and developed most of its weapons programme indigenously. US formed the anti-Communist league in the 50’s with the Muslim countries in the middle east, and Pakistan was a pivot in this alliance. US went on supporting Pakistan militarily, and strategically. This allowed Pakistan to maintain a low intensity warfare against India through militancy and border incursions. USA and other western powers have consistently contributed to this growth of Islamic militancy by encouraging and using them against the Communists, and in the process have helped and indirectly participated in the liquidation of all progressive and modernizing trends in Islamic societies by the vicious and malevolent Islamic clergy. I am also an outsider looking into the region – and I can see that basic fallacy that non-Muslims have always suffered from still remains – a complete failure to understand the nature of Islam’s basic obsessions, and targets, and the nature of its strategic and tactical thinking. I agree that economics is an important factor, but not the only one, as economic prosperity and wealth in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, or Indonesia has shown only growth in hardline Islamic fundamentalism. Islam will never stop trying to take over the rest of the world, and it is completely against the fundamental aspect of American contribution to the modern world I cherish beyond most others – the reassertion of the right to freedom of speech and thought. Econimic sops will not win over Islam, its ideological basis has to be completely eradicated.

The crucial points that are usually missed when we talk about the “right to self determination” of the Kashmiris is (1) If Kashmir’s legal accession to the Indian Union in 1947 is questioned, then exactly similar legal questions arise about the accession of Balochistan and Sind (a Hindu majority province at the time) to Pakistan, and Sylhet, Comilla, Khulna and Jessore to erstwhile East Pakistan and now Bangladesh (2) Muslims in the state of Kashmir are now concentrated in the western part, and east and south is dominated by Hindus and Buddhists – a simple majority of Muslims deciding anything may actually go against the “right to self determination” of non-Muslims in the state, who are vehemently against living under Shariah law whioh already has been allowed in the state through the backdoor by a spineless Indian Congress led government (3) Muslims in the western part have carried out a systematic ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims for the last 20 years [forget the earlier low-intensity ones running continuously from 1947] who are now migrants for safety in other parts of India or have been forced out of all their belongings or sometimes their women and now cramped into Jammu and Ladakh parts of Kashmir.

None of these indicate “allowing self-determination”. Islamic clergy want complete eradication of non-Muslims from wherever they have been able to gain a toe-hold. For most of the upcoming generations of non-Muslims in India, whom I have met extensively, Islam itself is a problem and not ncecessarily Muslims. Hindus and Buddhists from the state are extremely bitter about the violence, rape, looting and murder by Muslim separatists, and this will never be forgotten. It will only be a matter of time before retribution will emerge if Islam continues to be visible.

Look at the comment to one of my posts by Sanjeev Koul [Kaul indicates a Hindu Brahmin from Kashmir]: “you are 1000%right and I am Kashmiri Hindu and have experienced Muslim atrocities in my own life I know of a case a Hindu girl was abducted durign 1990’s then she was gangraped and then she was sawn alive into two parts on a sawmill with the cutter being drawn throgh ther legs. this was to torture and frighten hindus. In the name of lord Shive I vow that come what may it may take a century but we will exact every inch of revenge.”

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