Musharraf resigns : strange days coming for Pakistan and India

Posted on August 18, 2008. Filed under: India, Muslims, Pakistan, Politics, terrorism |

So Musharraf has finally resigned. What does this mean for Pakistan? This simply means that the coalition partnership between the emotional Nawaz and cold and calculating Zardari will now be increasingly under strain. In spite of Nawaaz being the more popular, his emotional approach to politics will ultimately put him in a very dangerous position, and once Musharraf’s eagle has been removed from overshadowing Zardari, it will now be a matter of time before each tries to oust the other. Will there be a return for Musharraf, possible but difficult – Kiani may want his own taste of the cake. Kiani also has a lot in stake in preserving the ISI and the Pakistan army’s cross border activities in India and Afghanistan – and perhaps not impossibly in a lot of other central Asian countries including the north-east of China. As discussed before in these columns, Kiani will ditch Musharraf only if Zardari-Nawaz can promise a higher price for ISI and the Pakistani Army and committment to support and provide resources for further continuation and escalation of the ISI-Army top-brass’s agenda to propagate Islamic dominance in the garb of Pakistani nationalism (or Pakistani nationalism in the garb of Islamic dominance) within the subcontinent.

The so-called return of democracy to Pakistan has little effect on India. This democratic government completely failed to rein in the ISI and had to beat a hasty and humiliating retreat. The situation will not improve in terms of relations with India, in spite of official “wish” to do so, as the establishment is practically now completely infiltrated at all levels by Islamic fundamentalists.

So Musharraf’s departure means increased availability of support for the ISI and the Pakistani Army to carry out cross border terrorism against “non-Muslim” (or Muslim governments not entirely following the hardcore Wahabi or Salafi Sunni expansionist agenda in Asia – such as the current Afghan government under Karazai) regimes. By doing this Pakistan’s army actually is doing a great disservice not only to the “Islamic” cause but also to its own country. As sooner or later, the current vacillating and weak government in India will be replaced by a much stronger will. Sooner or later, Russia, China, Afghanistan and India will have to form a coalition to disrupt the Islamic fundamentalist power base and network developing from Saudi Arabia through Central Asia and north Pakistan right into North Eastern China. Once this happens, it will be the end of Islam as we know it. Either Islam reinvents itself as so many other religions in the history of mankind have done as an up-to-date reconstruction or forced into oblivion.

No scope for complacency and feeling happy about the apparent exit of Musharraf for all those who know what Islamic fundamentalism really means for the non-Muslims.


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2 Responses to “Musharraf resigns : strange days coming for Pakistan and India”

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I think with the talaban in the NWFP region trying and waiting to take over that region. It will pose a further threat to India and Pakistan..

The pakistan chief general told the people of NWFP…”If you dont drive the Talaban out or let us do it..we will level the whole area”…I think this will have little effect on the illiterate people of that region.

What I believe…Pakistan is going to have a civil war. The educated community of Pakistan loved Musharraf because he stabilized the nation…Further more people like myself (migrants from India) are about to have a very tough time in Pakistan.

Like when Bhotto was the President and we were slaughtered in mass killings run by the government…All I see ahead are dark times for Pakistan.

The ISI is against the Talaban. From what I know the ISI are there to insure the protection of Pakistan through intelligence gathering by any means possible.

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