Kashmir Valley Muslims boycott Indian Independence Day : Islam in Despair

Posted on August 15, 2008. Filed under: India, Kashmir, Muslims, Pakistan, Politics |

The Indian Independence Day of 15th August, was boycotted in the Kashmir Valley after a call by separatists to do so. It is possible that people were scared of the separatists. It is more likely however, that the tactical moves of the separatists, Islamic fundamentalists, and the Pakistani Islamo-political elite for the last couple of months have paid rich dividends. The Indian government in its continuing weakness about Islam, and the resulting delusional confusion about the correct handling of Kashmir right from the greatest blunder by Nehru, is now in a very tight corner, where Islam’s agenda calls the shots – and the Indian government will increasingly appear a fool and a cornered one too dancing to the tune of pro-Pakistani Islamic fundamentalists.

The Kashmir problem is partly economic – with deliberate disruption of the economy being a target of Islamic militants and their Pakistani masters since the late 80’s. The process was helped along by the vacillations of certain Kashmiri political elements who could not decide where their loyalties lay, with Islam as propounded by the pan-Islamic movements of the subcontinent or with a “intensively secular (anti Hindu pro-Islam)” Indian central government mostly dominated by the Congress. But if we believe all our secular Hindu historians (desperately trying to shed off their guilt in not being born a Muslim) as well as our secular politicians then the Kashmir problem is simply a result of economic deprivation. If it was indeed economic deprivation, then the vast tribal belts of Orissa should be shaking in volcanic mega-eruptions compared to the hot-spring of Kashmir. If it was economic deprivation in spite of all the special status treatment, why did the Congress led central government fail in 50 odd years to make Kashmir really the “oa hameen-ast”?

The main reason behind the Kashmir problem is Islam. The main problem behind Kashmir is Islam’s strategy of erasing pre-Islamic cultures, erasing the memory in the newly converted (by force or otherwise) of their historical past and roots, of the circumstances under which conversion took place, and Islam’s successful manipulation of the liberalism and humanism of non-Islamic societies to multiply with the ultimate aim of overthrowing these very same host societies. This is the reason, cultural symbols are the target of Islamic resurgence in India – cultural identification with India is sought to be disrupted – this was an old strategy of Islam in Kashmir, by micromanaging cultural elements such as even insistence on adapting non-Indian dress code in the early years of Kashmiri Islam. The boycott of Indian Independence day is just a symbol of this Islamic separation.

The Kashmiri separatists want “trade” across the LOC. This is part of the grand plan for uniting with Pakistan. I think the spinelessness of the Indian government will lead to blaming the Hindus for the whole crisis. It is time to seriously consider taking up the issue of extreme repression in Balochistan by the Pakistani occupying forces in the Pak occupied territorries of Balochistan. India may be drawn into this conflict even if it desperately wants no part of it – for the Balochs will most likely see India’s gas pipeline as a symbol of collaboration with their hated occupiers – the Pakistanis whose Islamic sentiments appear suddenly non-existent in the case of Baluchistan.


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