SIMI – Sadistic Islamic Marauders of India – found not-guilty

Posted on August 6, 2008. Filed under: India, Muslims, Politics, terrorism |

SIMI followed Deobandi Islam’s revivalist movement that was the declared inspiration for the Taliban government. SIMI’s slogan is “Allah is our Lord, Qur’an is our constitution, Muhammad is our leader, jihad is our way and Sahahdat is our desire”. Among its various objectives, SIMI aims to counter what it believes is the increasing moral degeneration, sexual anarchy in the Indian society as also the ‘insensitiveness’ of a ‘decadent’ west. SIMI claims that the concepts of secularism, democracy and nationalism, supposed cornerstones of the Indian Constitution, are anti-Islam. They claim that their aim is to restore the supremacy of Islam through the resurrection of the Khilafat, emphasis on the Muslim Ummah and the waging of Jihad.

For the non-Muslims of India, jihad means looting of their property and lands, killing adult males and the rape, abduction and enslavement of their women and children, and systematic ruthless destruction of all their cultural icons. The khilafat was the excuse in whose name Mahmud of Gazni and numerous of his famished and destitute Muslim adventurer predecessors claimed to plunder, slaughter and enslave. The muslim Ummah was the rallying cry to organize, mobilize and justify riots against Hindus by sundry promoters of “Indian enrichment” like the Turko-Afghan Delhi Sultans and the Mughal emperors. So, SIMI’s declared intentions can be translated quite straightforwardly into non-Islamic terms – as that of Sadistic Islamic Marauders.

The third ban on SIMI was lifted by Delhi High Court Tribunal on 5 August 2008. “Material given by the home ministry is insufficient, so ban cannot be continued,” Justice Geeta Mittal, a sitting Delhi High Court judge, said while lifting the ban. This of course should have been expected. Ever since the Deobandi’s “fatwa” against “terrorism”, it was only a matter of time before the evidence of “violent crime” against their brainchild the SIMI would begin to “dry up”. Together with this there was the curious story of the switchover of support by the SP to the UPA for the passage of the N-Deal and the trust vote – for the SP is headed by Mulayam Singh Jadav, who had “grave doubts” about banning SIMI in the first place. The Deobandi connection is perhaps just a signal that elections are due next year, and the political elite is desperate.

In India, it is almost a treason to question the motivations of any Indian judge as to biases, since the judicial system typically takes strongest possible action against such “doubters” in amazing swiftness compared to the years it idles away casually to deal with that great underclass of India – the non-judiciary. So Indians must trust, that like the other great Hindu Indian lady of great intellectual honesty and stature, Prof. Romila Thapar, the Honbl Justice Geeta Mittal, also genuinely found “insufficient evidence” against Islamic violence. What happened to the Supreme Court, that it had to stay the lifting of the ban? There could be serious questions raised about the institution’s secular credentials if it did not favour Islam every time!


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