Jammu : everyone wants to shout but no one wants to listen

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The Amarnath Shrine board has partly dissolved itself in order to reinvent itself hopefully in a more acceptable and workable garb. But the two main agitation groups represented by the muslim Hurriyat Conference, as well as the pro-transfer Sangharsh Samiti are against the all party talks being held at New Delhi.

The Jammu agitation is proving to be a researcher’s delight : it has suddenly come to light that the controversial land was not really under the Forest department, it has a “graveyard”, parts of it are under the Revenue department, the infrastructure was there “before”, and is going to be there “after” the controversy – and 20,000 Muslims are “involved” who “manage” the Yatra.

The Samiti has a logic in their opinion that they have only come out in agitation after the political parties failed completely to respect non-Muslim wishes, and the Government of India has not invited them even though they are spearheading the agitation with obvious popular support – the same indications of popular support that stopped the government from being “firm enough” with the preceding Muslim agitation.

The Amarnath Lingam is supposed to represent Shiva. I do not think that Shiva needs the devotion of the Amarnath Yatris to exist and perform his tasks as the Father of the World. Perhaps Hindus should consider stopping going on pilgrimage to Amarnath until they have undisputed access to their iconic cultural places on the subcontinent which used to be “theirs” before the advent of Muslims. I am sure the Muslim leadership of Kashmir will enjoy the absolute delight of the loss of jobs and livelihood of 20,000 Muslims as well as the extra inflow of capital associated with the annual trek.

The hurriyat objects to the virtual “economic blockade” and the chief exports of Kashmir, its fruits and other agricultural products are definitely going to take a knock. Some transporters have indicated trying to risk crossing the LOC to try and sell their products in Pakistan. This solution of trading with Pakistan has two possible problems – (1) Pakistan is a much weaker economy than India with much lesser markets for the exotic products of Kashmir (2) it is undesirable for the Paksitani establishment, as it is Pakistan economy which then shells out money to Kashmiris.

Pakistan, like Bangladesh, as pointed out in my series on Islamic terror, will desperately continue to try to capture productive agricultural land to expand and meet the needs of its growing population, as the only way the semi-feudal ruling elite of Pakistan can maintain its hold within the Islamic framework is to stress on agriculture rather than industry. Industry requires modernization and modern scientific education that will definitely challenge Islamic doctrine at some point. So Pakistan will not encourage the traffic from India to Pakistan with economic drainage from its side across the border. Pakistan will intensify pressure on its agents in the various pro-Pakistan groups within Kashmir to destabilize as much as possible the Indian administration. Already one indication is the increased LOC ceasefire violations targeted at preventing repair of the physical obstructions to infiltration at the LOC.

The practical problem of Jammu in the short run could perhaps be solved by making it a separate state. However in the long run, the only solution is the consolidation of the crucial geo-strageic areas of Multani-Punjab right up to the border with NWFP under a strong secular subcontinental regime with sufficient political will to ignore “religious” sentiments. This unification will facilitate liquidation of fundamentalist retrogressive movements throughout North India, and will present Kashmiri Muslims with no choice at all – they have to acknowledge their deep roots in Indian culture and not in an imported Middle Eastern desert culture that has no psychological or contextual relevance for the subcontinent – however desperate the attempts might be on the part of “secular” Hindu scholars to establish otherwise.


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Excellent Dikjag, let them enjoy being jobless and economic bycott for timebeing, they will understand the reality. Their mindset is that India should be indebted to them for them being a part of India. Let them suffer, they have become like a cancer for the nation. Meanwhile this news has now also reached international arena and they are now coming to know that besides kashmir jammu also exists. check bbc link http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7544406.stm

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