More blasts in India : a panic reaction by extremists to fear of increased Western support of India.

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I had written in an earlier post about the possibility of increasing terrorist violence after the passage was cleared for the N-deal in the parliament. The foreign connection, becomes obvious as a foreign secret service cannot be very sure about the exact voting pattern within the parliament that will emerge on this particularly volatile and shifting panorama of alliances and betrayals. So they would have had to wait until there was yet hope that the passage of the deal would be blocked by the defeat of the UPA. Pakistan, and indirectly China could be quite concerned that the nuclear deal and the 123 agreement was more a cover for increased strategic military collaboration between India, the US, Israel and European powers.

Now blasts have taken place in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, a day after blasts in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is interesting also that recently the three states which suffered from blasts are Rajputana, Karnataka, and Gujarat, all states which have recently come under BJP led state governments. It is quite clear now that these are Islamic extremists who are behind these blasts. These are states which have a small but significant Muslim population. We can look at the states with medium to low concentrations of Muslim populations (Census of India 2001):

(State – total population – percentage of Muslim populations)
Kerala 7,863,842 24.6969
Uttar Pradesh 30,740,158 18.4961
Bihar 13,722,048 16.5329
Jharkhand 3,731,308 13.8474
Karnataka 6,463,127 12.2291
Uttaranchal 1,012,141 11.9225
Delhi 1,623,520 11.7217
Maharashtra 10,270,485 10.6014
Andhra Pradesh 6,986,856 9.1679
Gujarat 4,592,854 9.0641
Manipur 190,939 8.8121
Rajasthan 4,788,227 8.4737

So the pattern indicates, the following factors, between 7-8% on the lower limit and 25% as upper limit on Muslim populations, with a BJP led government or where BJP may come to power in the near future through the electoral process, centres of commercial and industrial activity with current or future potential for FDI’s, are possibly ripe for continued “blast” violence. A much higher percentage of Muslim population’s religious leadership obviously feels secure enough that nothing against their religious agenda will be undertaken by the respective state governments. A much lower percentage simply does not have the community resources to provide cover for extremists.

Opponents of the BJP will probably try to link the blasts with the BJP itself in two ways – (1) trying to say that BJP is indirectly involved because it wants to sharpen “communal divide” (2) an indirect warning also to the electorate that “if you elect the BJP this is what you will get”.

However these very same arguments can also be used by BJP, to say (1) that the Congress and other opponents of BJP are indirectly responsible because they can then pretend to be protectors of “minorities” and try to consolidate their vote (2) that it could be an indirect way of trying to warn the electorate against voting for the BJP.

Terror on non-combatants is however quite natural as a time tested Islamic tactic of spreading Islam or Islamic hegemony as revealed in the Quran or the Hadiths. Deception is allowed in pouncing on unsuspecting “unbelievers” (early sudden raids when “unbelievers” had sat down to a meal, or night attacks with specifically no consideration to be given to women and children of the “pagans” – “because they are the women and children of pagans” etc.) by the Quran and the Hadiths (Look for examples and precedences provided on my page on “Islam and non-Muslims”). I will just quote one footnote from the translation of the Quran, “Noble” by Muhsin Khan, – Noble Qur’an 2:190 [Footnote]: “Jihad is holy fighting in Allah’s Cause with full force of numbers and weaponry. It is given the utmost importance in Islam and is one of its pillars. By Jihad Islam is established, Allah’s Word is made superior (which means only Allah has the right to be worshiped), and Islam is propagated. By abandoning Jihad Islam is destroyed and Muslims fall into an inferior position; their honor is lost, their lands are stolen, their rule and authority vanish. Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim. He who tries to escape from this duty, or does not fulfill this duty, dies as a hypocrite.”

What are possible ways out? Security measures can help to a certain extent but practically infeasible because of the high density of populations and the nature of congested public spaces of mostly old city centres. But this means a tremendous amount of high intensity automatic and continuous electronic audio-visual monitoring of public spaces, shoppers. We do not know whether unscrupulous police officers manning these monitoring stations are not going to indulge in illegal use of such data for private gain or merely for titillation. Complete destruction of the sources of these attacks, factors of motivation and inspiration in whatever form they be, is the only sure long term method.

(1) My earlier suggestion that the Multan-Punjab link which is the supporting resource base for Taliban-Al Qaeda type sponsorship of terror in India with the help of the Pakistani army and ISI, should be neutralized. This will cut an important source to supply the various outfits spread over India, Bangladesh and North-East India. Efforts should be undertaken to collaborate and coordinate with Afghanistan, Russia, and China to make all parties aware of the dangers they face from continued Islamic militancy and the need to comprehensively eliminate this threat altogether.

(2) The states especially led by BJP should no longer rely on intelligence from the centre, or police sources. It is quite possible that these have been infiltrated or are forced to protect militants because of political pressure.

(3) Dialogue should be established directly with Muslim communities, and the message should be clear, that these communities themselves have to liquidate militants from among themselves. In this, pages can be taken out of British Raj tactics of infiltration, money, blackmailing and all possible enticements known to man from before he was “civilized”.

(4) Sooner or later, if the problems are not solved by the Muslim communities on their own, there will be no way to prevent action undertaken by others independent of official security forces. Non-muslim communities will be forced to take up ground intelligence on their own and unfortunately no one will be able to prevent “vigilante” type actions.

(5) Our “eminent historians” should be asked if they feel that they should use their “considerable” talents for deconstructing “Hinduism” in order to establish that it never existed and was simply a collection of tiny sects fighting with each other without any coherent agenda – to now deconstruct Islam, and show that it is a collection of contradictory ideologies, with no real consistent support for Jihad, violence and ruthless inhuman imposition of a medieval hegemony and therefore should be discarded by Muslims of India!

There are two theories being thrown around that (1) these blasts (apparently under the name of some outfit called Indian Mujahideen) are simply shadow fronts to provide deniability by Pakistani and other international Islamic militant groups (2) or that these are genuine home-bred militant organizations. The standard justifications given for these blasts, (a) demolition of the Babari-Mosque (b) Gujarat riots. I personally do not find that any of these two actions were necessary on the part of non-Muslims. However we are always being asked to remember “that each and every outrage committed by Muslims” are because of “genuine past grievance for past atrocities”. The reason why only “Muslims” of India are allowed to get away with such “justifications” is because all records of Islamic atrocities on Hindus and other non-Muslims even from the recent past like that in the partition riots of 1947, or in the Kashmir War, of 1948, or the 1971 Indo-Pak war, have been carefully edited out of the public discourse and school education. Public media is probably under pressure also not to bring these topics up. Apparently therefore, Muslim justifications of trauma are acceptable but not similar justifications from that of “Hindus” as the Hindus have been declared by regime sponsored historians to have had no “trauma” at all. Such tactics do not succeed in removing memories of generations of trauma passed down through oral traditions and thus when the Congress weakened, and therefore its stranglehold on the voice of the majority community weakened, manifestations of these deep seated resentments took form. Riots can continue to take place, and sacred places destroyed, because even in Republican India, there has been a refusal to acknowledge, face and properly investigate, try in courts of law and courts of commissions or tribunals, any atrocity committed by Islamic groups under the banner of Islam – not in 1947, not in 1948, not in 1965, not in 1971. There has been no attempt to properly face the trauma of Hindus even in the modern period (forget historical) rather an extremely derogatory, defamatory, and blatantly arrogant denial and suppression.

If the Muslim community cannot handle this properly, I think that sooner or later, the non-Muslim Indian will come to the same conclusions as the Christian Spanish before the Moors, or that of the Austrians in the middle ages, that the only way to stop being swallowed whole by Islam was to physically fight it out and liquidate its existence, and follow that up with the stark choice given by Ferdinand and Isabella to remnant Muslims in Spain – convert back into non-Islamic religions or leave.


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