Karat vs Somnath+Subhash

Posted on July 20, 2008. Filed under: Communist, India, Politics |

Prakash Karat has roared. He has declared that the “decision about the Speaker” will be taken by the Politbureau, and that Subhash Chakraborty – the “bad boy” and maverick of the West Bengal party, (an exceptionally bright student, debater and student leader of his time) is being “officially admonished” (an expression borrowed from the early days of Bolshevism, and applied liberally to enemies of Stalin) for “public disputation and criticism of the Party Line”. As predicted in an earlier post, there would be no spectacular split, as already Subhash Chakraborty has written a letter of apology to the Party Centre. What will Somnath Chatterjee do – in the extreme, he will preside over the trust vote and try his best to preserve the UPA government. On the other extreme, he may decide to conform. Either way the party will have a hard time afterwards convincing him to stay on in active politics.

Prakash Karat’s crusade against the Congress is perhaps more virulent because the initial alliance and support to Congress was also pushed through under the excuse of staving off communal forces over and above the misgivings of its major resource base the West Bengal party. Collaboration with “class enemies” was usually justified during Comintern days almost always by “superior national interests” which in turn was almost always a cover for CPSU or CCP interests.

Compromises with the “wrong” elements, however they are sought to be justified as, inevitably leads in the end to a departure from original objectives. The overwhelming eagerness to make its mark in the Hindi belt, is pushing the Party Centre towards a path that will ultimatley see the weakening and irrelevance of the party.


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